/YFC Objectives

YFC Objectives

The Young Farmers Club (YFC) Objective is to reach out to the smallholder farmers through their children who are members of the YFC in the secondary schools. The available statistics in Ondo State, Nigeria, reveals the Extension Agent/Farmers ratio stands at 1:1,500. This does not give sufficient and effective interaction to impart to the farmers the modern agricultural practices. Ondo State which is an agrarian state has over 70 % of the food production to be contributed by the smallholder farmers. The link through the children in schools is premised on the fact that many of the farmers are usually accompanied to the farms on weekends by their children. The children are taught the techniques of small scale compost production and the proper application on crops; this ensures the production of organic food. They are also taught technique of backyard agricultural projects that include poultry, homestead fish farming, snail farming and all related livestock. The children are by this trainers to their parents.