/Small-scale businesses

Small-scale businesses


  1. Growing of vegetable crops particularly in the dry season
  2. Plantain/ banana production
  3. Fresh maize production
  4. Raising and production of ornamentals and flowers
  5. Backyard poultry raising
  6. Rearing of day-old chicks to three or four weeks
  7. Packaging of food stuff
  8. Beef meat retailing
  9. Production of fruit juices
  10. Bakery and confectionary
  11. Rice milling
  12. Starch from cassava
  13. Dried molasses from cattle feed
  14. Vegetable oil from palm oil and from palm kernel oil
  15. Cotton/ me lion seed oil production
  16. Roasted cashew production
  17. Starch/ Glucose from maize
  18. Gari from cassava
  19. Coconut processing for oil and animal feed
  20. Cassava flour production
  21. Food preservation through conversion
  22. Production of ready- made garments such as children wears
  23. Soap and detergent production
  24. Kraft bag production
  25. Leather (footwear) production
  26. Production of movable black boards
  27. Production of distilled water
  28. Wooden toys production
  29. Making baskets and cages from palm fronds
  30. Making brooms
  31. Making toothpicks
  32. Production of conference/ school bags
  33. Restaurant services
  34. Arranging food for parties or catering services
  35. Selling leaf wrapper
  36. Selling used jute bags.
  37. Charcoal making
  38. Organizing labour squard
  39. Selling of tire wood
  40. Refuse packaging
  41. Car wash business
  42. Dietary consulting
  43. Home-made cake store
  44. Candry and chocolate making
  45. Snackbar
  46. Coffee/ tea shop and donut store
  47. Fried chicken restaurant


  1. Mobile restaurant
  2. Breakfast restaurant
  3. Popcorn and plantain chips production
  4. Sandwish shop
  5. Secretarial (Typing) service
  6. Janitor service
  7. Kitchen remodeling (interior decoration)
  8. Multi-level marketing
  9. Photocopy shop
  10. Tool and equipment rental
  11. Religious gift shop
  12. Used product sale