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About Us

Dolapo-Frank Farmers Organization (DFFO) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with Registration Number CAC/IT/NO 96424. It is a non for profit body with the main objective of empowering smallholder farmers in improved agricultural practices. This is achieved through skill impartment of smallholder farmers in the rural communities and the gardening scale farmers in the urban metropolis, the modern agricultural production techniques through free virtual (internet based) and the personal contact outdoor and interactive multimedia training methods.

Vision & Mission of DFFO.

Vision: Empowerment of Smallholder farmers, through

  1. Training of smallholder farmers in modern agricultural techniques.
  2. Training the women or wives of the smallholder farmers in the backyard processing of harvested agricultural produce.
  • Training the secondary school children of smallholder farmers who with interaction with their parents will impart the modern agricultural practices they have learnt. Young farmers club are formed in secondary schools with students as members.

 Mission:   Training methods adopted by Dolapo-Frank Farmers Organization

The two training methods are virtual (through the internet) and the (On-Site) direct personal interaction at the local level.

  1. Virtual training methods (Online training)

The virtual training entails the use of face book, U-Tube and agricultural blogging. These platforms, are linked directly to the organization website www.thesmallholderfarmers.org

Our free virtual training has been accessed for some months back and there have been responses of expression of appreciation by quite a number of beneficiary farmers.

  1. On-Site Training (Local training methods)

This training entails interactive multimedia and the outdoor training methods. Trainees will thereafter (after training) be provided with self-tutorial CD as a personal refresher self-training programme.